The Advantages of Hiring a CPA With Enrolled Agent Certification (EA)

Date: January 23, 2019

Categories: Business Accounting, Tax Preparation

Is your tax preparation being done by an EA or CPA?

While this question may not seem relevant to you, the answer may determine what protections you have and the level of representation you may need should you have to work with the IRS regarding your tax return. If you are like most people, you only think about your tax return when you need to file. Gaining a better understanding of the landscape of tax preparation will help you navigate …

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Is financial accounting right for you?

Date: February 12, 2018

Categories: Business Accounting

What is financial accounting?

Financial accounting is tracking a company’s income and expense. Using the standards put in place by government regulations, the transactions are recorded and then reported in several financial reports.

What is financial accounting for?
Companies use financial reports to update owners and outside lenders on the financial health of the company. If the company is publicly traded, the report is released for anyone to view.

A More Accurate Financial Report
Financial accounting is based on double entry accounting, this means that …

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Small Business Accounting Services Cost

Date: October 1, 2017

Categories: Business Accounting

How Much Do Accounting Services Cost For My Small Business?

When you started your business, nobody mentioned that most of your time would be spent tracking down receipts, processing payroll, and filing taxes. Hiring an accounting professional can fix all that and give you back your time, but it shouldn’t be exclusive to big businesses.

Here are scalable bookkeeping options for small to medium businesses.

Hire a Part-time Bookkeeper

If this is your first move to a professional accountant, then the best option may …

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