QuickBooks for Small Businesses Tutorial 101


There are dozens of great resources for small business QuickBooks tutorials, we’ve collected some of our favorites.

Free Training for QuickBooks Pro 2017

Learn the QuickBooks Interface (7:50 minutes)
How to Set Up Customers and Jobs in QuickBooks Pro (7:10 minutes)
How to Create an Invoice from an Estimate (10:30 minutes)
How to Create an Invoice for A Completed Job (5:47 minutes)

QuickBooks Glossary

Customers – People or businesses who you need to invoice
Vendors/Suppliers – Invoices you need to pay
Employees – People who you pay wages to
Income/Revenue – Money earned by the company
Expense – Money that leaves the company
Cost of Good Sold/Cost of Sales – The cost of your product materials, labor or service. Note: your office expenses for rent or advertising do not add to your Cost of Goods Sold.
More Terms

QuickBooks Online Software

QuickBooks has moved their classic desktop program into an easy-to-use online software. You may want to look into switching.
If you decide to upgrade to QuickBooks Online you get the ability to:

  • Automatically send and schedule invoices
  • Get instant access and unified files for all users
  • Work from a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet anywhere

However, they haven’t yet implemented a way to calculate and rebill job costs or to calculate discounts by the customer. If these processes are integral to your business model, then stick with the Classic Desktop version.

One-on-one QuickBooks Training

We offer personal QuickBooks training. Email us or call us today. We will go over your business in detail and can give you a free consultation on how to best manage your QuickBooks accounts.

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